Existing & Proposed Historic Districts

Historic districts recognize collections of historic buildings and their entire setting. The College Quarter and Virginia Heights East Historic Districts were listed on the local register in 2003 and 2010, respectively, while the Downtown and Interlachen Historic Districts have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 2001 survey evaluation and subsequent studies have identified a number of additional proposed historic districts.

Image #1 shows the existing historic districts of Winter Park on the map. They are:

1) Downtown Historic District, 2) College Quarter Historic District, and 3) Virginia Heights East Historic District

existing historict districts map

Image #2 shows the proposed historict districts on the map. They are:

1) Rollins College Historic District, 2) Golfview Historic District, 3) Westside/Hannibal Square Historic District, 4) Interlachen Avenue Historic District, 5) Osceola Historic District, 6) Virginia Heights Historic District (partially listed), 7) Palmer Avenue Historic District, 8) Orwin Manor Historic District, and 9) Ellno-Willo Historic District

historic districts map

Image #3 shows both existing and proposed historic districts on the map.

existing and proposed districts map


Source: Historic Resources Survey dated 10/2013 - Historic Districts. Boundaries reflect written General Location descriptions. Actual boundaries subject to change.